Still going strong!

This blog update comes to you from my potato filmed keyboard. Now you might be thinking “If you’re eating strict paleo, why are you eating potatoes?” The answer, I made dog food. I’ll get into more of why I am admit about making dog food at some point but today is not that day. After all it’s been over a week! Not one sneaky little cheat .

I do feel great. My clothes are starting to get looser. I have more energy and my memory is getting awesome. Apparently, part of the beginning of this cleanse is to have flu like symptoms. Maybe starting this while being sick wasn’t the best plan of attack. I finally feel great now. No more sickness!(touch wood)(or knock on wood if you’re not Australian)

Since I haven’t posted in a few days, I’ll give you a run down of how I stayed on track.

Isolation. Now you may be picturing my on an island, with one palm tree and an awesome kitchen. This was not the case. I worked some decently long hours, so I prepped my buns off. Then I brought a bunch of 21DSD friendly groceries to the site. Although it is not ideal out there, they have a fridge, microwave, and a skillet.  You might be surprised at just how many ways you can use an electric skillet. Poached eggs, no prob, stuffed peppers (aka capsicum) too easy, the list really went on and on. Adapting recipes to different cooking and prepping mediums is awesome. This leads me to reading recipes about using your dishwasher to cook and wash the dishes at the same time. (Seriously, if you have some time google this.)

If I am not around “bad” food, I typically don’t think about it. Maybe you think a busy time in your life is not a good time to try a new diet. I disagree. If you can prepare your food and freeze it. It gives you the chance to focus on whatever the thing is that is making you busy and not worry about food.

When I got home on Tuesday night I was treated to one of the best things about Australia. A pork roast and crackle. We won’t talk about what crackle is because it creeps me out. Let’s just say it’s a crispy, salty, piece of animal byproduct that is delicious. It’s pictured above.

I have started vicariously living through the food other people eat. On Tuesday, I went into this super cute tiny town called Mingenew. They have the basics that any town would have, a post office, police station, school, and … a Bakery! I had to go in and get a coffee. There were jerkish, tiny strawberry rhubarb pies laughing at me. Carrot cake grinning from its’ top shelf home, with it’s delicious cream cheese frosting dribbling down the sides. I knew I couldn’t be trusted bringing one of these home.

So I got a loaf of artisan bread. The kind of bread that you want to put a whole wheel of brie on and eat it for dinner. I think I smelled this loaf 10 times before I asked Peter’s brother Gary to please eat it and describe how awesome it was.

One thing this bakery did have was Lupin flour. I have never heard of it. I guess it’s gluten free, but I still need to research it to see if it is good.

I have a plan to start crossfit tomorrow up here. I hope it’s as welcoming as the one in Rockingham. They were super nice.

Well I’m “knackerd”  not sure if that is how it’s spelled but’s that’s how it sounds. I’m going to try to get in some very important sleep. And before I forget to mention it, I am an Aunt!!!!! He’s the cutest little man on the planet. I can’t wait to hold him, spoil him, and teach him things :D.


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