The truffles above are a “non sweet treat” that are in the 21DSD cookbook. They are made of almond butter, coconut butter, raw cacao, a little vanilla, and coconut or cacao nibs and goji berries. I left out the coffee that it suggested. I also added goji berries. I figure they are not really sweet so they can join the party.

If you want the Kindle version of the cookbook, it is here:


These little bits of glory are my saving grace! I really wanted dessert tonight. Then I found it. The “non sweet treat” part of the cookbook. (Que choirs of angels) Knowing that I can have a treat, that is not going to derail my progress is wonderful. They were also ridiculously easy to make and took a grand total of 5 minutes.

They have these handy little packs of coconut butter here. They come in 4 tbs sizes. Typically, getting coconut butter out of a jar is a task. The little packs are super easy. Just put them in a warm bowl of water, and whala! Melty, easily used, coconut butter.

I stopped by our new house today to check on it and see if we had mail. The mail box here should be referred to as the danger box. Or maybe “Letter box, home of deadly spiders”. As I was laughing about the likelihood of a nasty spider being the place where hands go without looking, I was greeted by my new friend. She was an Australian Redback, cousin to the Black Widow we have in the US. I let her live. Hopefully she got the message that new tenants are coming. Now that I look at the photo I see her nest. Fligahasdfhaslkfajh…belelegarreadd….kakakkakkeke. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


(Side rant. My MacBook likes to auto incorrect me. It drives me nuts. Especially when I re-read my blog after I post it and it’s all sorts of messed up.)

Well, it is time for me to become the meat in a beagle sandwich. If you have ever cuddled with Duncan or Penny you know what I mean. I am going to attempt to wake up early and go to crossfit! Wish me luck!


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