21 Day Sugar Detox.

So I did it. I finally committed to making a place to put all my food pictures, workout stories, and food adventures. I have been punishing my Instagram and Facebook friends for far to long. But seriously, who doesn’t like paleo breakfast pizza?!

Whenever I drastically limit my diet. I always look back and say “How did I really feel when I was eating this way?”. By digitally archiving my feelings, I will always know the answer.

If you’re not into eating paleo, doing silly workouts and having a possibly unhealthy love for two of the cutest dogs on the planet (seriously I’m not biased) this may not be your cup of tea. Or “cuppa” as they call it here. I’m not entirely sure if “cupa” is a cup of anything or just coffee. I will investigate.

Anyway I digress, it all started back in 2009 (que nostalgic music of choice). I started eating paleo and realized I didn’t have to wake up and feel like I’d been hit in the face with a frying pan every morning. If I ate the SAD (Standard American Diet) I felt this way. I had so much inflammation in my face it’s as if my cheeks were trying to eat my eyes. I’ve been on again off again paleo since then. I had a really bad year last year. When I say bad I mean delicious but terrible for sustaining human life that doesn’t involve a one way train to Obie City.

Earlier this year I tried the 21-day sugar detox. It was amazing. I remember feeling uncontainabley happy. My co-workers were seriously concerned as to why I was waking up so happy. Before I moved to Australia in March, I decided I needed to eat everything I was going to miss in Australia. I’m not sure if I regret this by my body sure does.

I’ve started cross-fit, and today marks my first day of THE 21 DAY Sugar Detox. (Said like an announcer in monster truck arena, crowds are cheering) I’m not sure if the everyone out there knows about online shopping for your groceries but it’s a big thing here. It has saved me a ton of time. Especially, because when you are shopping for things you are not used to, it’s hard to find it in the store. I end up faced with a wall of chocolate and I am not ready for that kind of willpower today.

The 21 DSD has meal plans which make online shopping a breeze. If you are cooking for one person, I freeze half of the meals and eat them next week. It may seem expensive as you’re pilling all the ingredients into your cart (trolley) but if you do the math per meal, per person, it’s pretty efficient. I’m off to go pick this stuff up!


5 thoughts on “21 Day Sugar Detox.

  1. Haha, paleo lives on! Happy to see you’re thriving (and also) happy in Aussie-land, and that you can still treat your body well. I’m in the same boat as you: ate whatever I wanted for the last year (except I didn’t have a good excuse like moving to another country) and now I’m back to the truth…me and grains and dairy do not get along. Good bye those foods that do not care about me. I don’t think I’ll miss you all that much.

    Angie, keep up the struggle – it will get easier (again)!! P.S. Have you tried avocado mousse yet?!?!? Yum!


    1. Vika! I miss you! You are the entire reason this is even part of my life. I would still be eating loafs of french bread for dinner and wondering why I felt like crap. I need a good avocado mousse recipe. I hear good things but I’m afraid of it. And for the record, I didn’t know that I was moving for most of the year and I was eating crazy bad things. We’re in this boat together :D!


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