Day 2

Day 2 is brought to you by apple crumble. “What, what, whaaa” you say? Don’t worry I have people to share it with so it’s only the equivalent to less than a handful of nuts. They are almonds. This stuff is pretty great. With dairy being back in the game, that means kwwhipp cream on top. I forgot about how filling milk is. If I put milk in my coffee, I do not need to eat until lunch. Thank goodness for level 2. In the beginning (I can’t ever say that without thinking of Genesis)I thought, level 3 is the most hardcore, obviously that is the one I need to do.

I think the levels are more about being honest with yourself. I love cheese, and I like milk in my coffee. I really enjoy yogurt and cottage cheese. With dairy in my life, it’s easy to say, “I’ll have the cheese plate” for dessert. Then I don’t feel left out during dessert time. It also does not wreak havoc on me.

It’s day two of for reals 21 DSD and I’m feeling pretty ok. Within the next coming days we will find out if it was the cashews that leached my energy.

As for life updates, we are in the new house. That’s the back yard, with the local dog beach and best surf break around, behind the fence pictured above.(weeeeeeeeeeeeeee) Hearing the ocean at night makes me giggle. Seeing the sunset on the ocean is pretty glorious. The beagles love their backyard and they have a trial at doggie daycare on Thursday. Let’s hope Duncan can keep his humping under control for the day. He’s had over excitement issues in the past. Hopefully, we can finally find out if the beagles have an “american howl”. That’s all for now, I love the comments. I can see you guys are reading this from all over the world. So umm… say Hi!


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