21 DSD Day 0

It is day 0, I had to finish off the delicious chocolate balls. Tomorrow will be day 1. They have coconut sugar in them and that would be cheating. I prepped like a mad woman today. Mini mexi meat loafs, buffalo chicken egg muffins and green apple breakfast sausage. That should cover breakfast for the next few days, dinner tonight and tomorrow, and a few random lunches. I like to listen to Kat Edmonson mixed with Big Band while I cook. It’s my secret world (I guess not so secret now) where I dance and use my wooden spoon as a musical instrument.

I am really great at destroying a clean kitchen when I’m cooking. If you have been to my house and I didn’t cook for you this is the reason. Peter is a champion at it. He has a “clean as you go method”. I’ll admit it works sometimes, but when I’m super ultra multi-tasking, it’s not a priority for my brain.

I am not sure if I mentioned it yesterday but I’m just getting over sickness. Apparently, everyone is sick here. This is another sign that I am not nourishing my body correctly. This brings up the whole germ vs terrain theory. The gist of this is that if your terrain (body’s ecosystem) is properly functioning it will right itself. It can only properly function when it gets the proper nutrients.

For some reason my personal shopper (I like to think of a guy with white gloves picking out all the best produce) gave me a loaf of bread and miso soup. I’m not really sure why. I feel bad wasting it and encouraging others to eat bread. It is like I am poisoning them. I realize if they are bread eaters they will happily accept the bread. There is still a small part of me that is like DON’T eat it! It is not good for your ecosystem!

Meals and snacks are packed. I am prepared for Day 1. The dogs are all mellowed out to the music. It’s cold. I’m not sure if Penny is glaring at me or thinks if she pretends like she’s sleeping that I will give her food. I’m guessing it’s glaring. When I don’t give her food she stares at me and slowly closes her eyes until the cuteness is unbearable. I caved.



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